Brass Instrument Repairs

Here at Edinburgh Music Centre, we have an outstanding workshop for brass instruments,.

We offer servicing and complete restoration services to all brass instruments.

Our workshop facilities include 

*Chemical and ultrasonic cleaning

*Silver, copper and gold plating 

*dent removal

*custom finish work

*custom part making 

See below for examples of completed work and some kind words from our customers

Bryce is extremely knowledgeable in repairing of instruments. He looks after professionals and amateurs alike and gives us all excellent quality of work and value for money.

Bryce is passionate and a world of knowledge when it comes to looking after instruments.
I brought in a Yamaha Neo Eb bass which was 1 and a half years old, the valves had red red and the slides had the same, the valves were sticking and not great.
Brought it in on a Thursday night unannounced, was ready on Saturday night, the Tuba was in better condition than when it was brand new.
If anybody wants their instrument fixed, cleaned, this is the place to go.

Bryce has done countless repairs and overhauls on my own trombones throughout the years and I never hesitate to send all my colleagues and pupils in his direction. He produces fantastic work, quickly and at an extremely reasonable price, no job has ever been a problem. I really can't recommend him highly enough

Bryce is a first class brass repair technician . I was trying to source a quality 2nd hand instrument for a pupil and called Bryce to find exactly what I was looking for. The family picked the instrument up and couldn’t be happier.......

As a trumpet player, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to look after my own instruments and my favourite mouthpiece bottle opener is still going strong after 5/6 years!

Cheers again,

Bryce has been fixing my horns for years and has always done excellent work. He's definitely got a great eye for detail and is always up for some more unusual work too! Drilling new vents in my duff sousaphone valves, designing and fabricating an extra trigger for my trumpet and giving my slightly sad looking de-lacquered bass trombone a radical new finish are definitely some of the highlights.

Also, the new shop is looking great and is filled with some very tempting items... well worth popping in for a visit and a chat!

Bryce has done loads of work on my horns in the last few years. From re-plating, to valve block straightening, even changing the throat and backbore on mouthpieces. I’ve been happy every time with the great work he’s done. He’s rebuilding a rare Couesnon Flugel for me just now and from what he’s shown me so far, it’s looking like another great job! Thanks Bryce!

Whether making a simple repair or an incredibly subtle fine-tune, Bryce has shown himself to be the best in the business. I simply can't recommend him highly enough. There have been dozens of jobs, large and small, that he has done on my horns over the last few years and every time I've been really impressed. Bryce is very experienced with all sorts of brass and woodwind instruments, including obscure historical pieces, and is hugely knowledgeable. He is also highly efficient and offers great value for money.



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